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Bridges to Excellence

Nursing Quality, Research, and Education

Bridges to Excellence is a program that provides nurses an opportunity to seek professional development in disciplines their units may not be able to provide, as well as, offering the possibility of experiencing new challenges. This program allows a nurse to utilize continuing education time while in the program.

The program allows nurses the chance to explore clinical areas they are interested in or curious about and to provide intellectual stimulation. The program can be a four, eight, or twelve-hour experience.


In order to participate in the Bridges to Excellence program a nurse must:

  • Have worked on a unit for a minimum of one year
  • Complete a Planned Absence Request and submit to current manager for approval
  • Approval of manager from the unit you will be visiting
  • Complete an Intent to Visit form, receive an assigned mentor
  • After completion of experience smit a course roster, exemplar and evaluation to the Center for Professional Practice of Nursing

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