UC Irvine Health Affairs

Nursing Students

UC Irvine Medical Center provides clinical opportunities for local, regional and national Schools of Nursing. We are current members of the Orange County/Long Beach Consortium for Nursing.

We provide group clinical and 1:1 preceptorship experiences.

  1. Welcome  
  2. QUEST Access - UC Irvine Health's Electronic Medical Record System  
    • The school/instructor must email the QUEST Access Request Form and signed Confidentiality Agreements for instructor and all students to the Academic Liaison listed in the Welcome Packet at least 4 weeks prior to start of the rotation. It is the responsibility of the school to make sure that the Academic Liaison gets this information in time. Students & instructors will not be able to access QUEST if information is not received in a timely manner. 
  3. QUEST Online Training
    • All new nursing instructors and students must complete the following online computer training PRIOR to attending class and bring the printed certificate with them.
      1. Please click on this link and complete all lessons 1 through 13. These lessons are interactive and require Adobe Flash Player.  They do not incorporate sound and are best experienced full screen from a computer and should not be taken on a hand held. You will need to print the certificate at the end of Lesson 13 and bring it with you to class. Instructors and students who do not bring the certificate to computer training will not be granted access to our electronic medical record. 
  4. Forms to be Completed by School/Instructor 
  5. Documents for Orientation