UC Irvine Health Affairs

Jennifer Guzman

Jennifer Youngmark

(left to right) Susan Christensen (Nursing Director), Rosemary Vu (Nominator), Jennifer Guzman (Honoree), Holly Wicklas (Nurse Manager)

CN II, Oncology (DH 76/78)

In the nomination of Jennifer, the following was written:

This nurse is an extraordinary nurse who goes above and beyond the call of duty. There have been so many circumstances where she has shown compassion, fervor in the care for the patients on the unit and support to those around her whether it’s staff, families, or patients. She will often do a small thing that truly helps with streamlining one’s work and does it without anyone asking. She’s truly someone that I look up to and she’s an inspiration to others to act with such compassion and dedication. I was speaking to a colleague of mine in an entirely different unit and they are thoroughly impressed by her devotion. Her incredible wealth of knowledge and general willingness to help was well-received and greatly appreciated. I know I can always come to her for assistance or a question and even when she doesn’t have an answer she’ll follow-up and provide auxiliary material to support that answer. She is the rare sort of person whose character generosity, intelligence, and energy makes coming to work a truly wonderful experience. I know it is an absolute pleasure and privilege to work alongside her and I heartily recommend her as a truly outstanding candidate for the DAISY award!