UC Irvine Health Affairs

Rowena Castellano & Noemi Robbins

Rowena Castellano

(Left to right) Ludi Chiong (Nurse Manager, Tower 4), Karen Grimley (CNO), Rowena Castellano (honoree), Noemi Robbins (honoree), Caroline Mangahas (Nurse Supervisor, Tower 4), Susan Christensen (Nursing Director, Medical Surgical)

Rowena Castellano - CN II, Tower 4

Noemi Robbins - CN IV, Tower 4

In the nomination of Rowena Castellano and Noemi Robbins, the following was written: 

A patient was transferred from the Emergency Department with symptoms of an infectious disease, which had been considered in the differential in the ED but ruled out because the patient had a history of vaccination. Upon arrival to the unit, however, Rowena recognized the disease from having seen it in the past and alerted Noemi, the CNIV. Noemi trusted Rowena’s level of concern and familiarity with the disease enough to re-alert physicians to look again at the patient & to place the patient on airborne precautions. Masking was instituted on the unit and blood work ordered to determine if the diagnosis was correct; the patient was subsequently transferred to an airborne precautions room. Laboratory results confirmed the suspected disease, despite the history of vaccination. The exposure would have been far more extensive if Rowena had not voiced her concerns and Noemi had not taken them seriously and taken next steps to contact the MD. As a result, an accurate diagnosis was achieved to help appropriately direct care. Rowena provides an outstanding example of sound judgment based on past clinical and community experience. Noemi provides a model for leadership in supporting the concerns and judgment of her nurse colleague and appropriately elevating the concern to the next level for intervention.