UC Irvine Health Affairs

Tiffany Ball


(Left to right) Sonia Lane (Nursing Director, Critical Care), Kim Sharoff (nominator),Tiffany Ball (honoree), Priscilla Duong (CNIII Supervisor, SICU), Karen Grimley (CNO), Susanne Collins (Nurse Manager, SICU)


In her nomination of Tiffany Ball, Kim Sharroff wrote:

We had a patient in the SICU who was very sick for about a two week period. Her vital signs were extremely unstable, she was on CPS, multiple pressors, and we were not sure if she was going to make it. Thankfully, she finally stabilized. This patient was young and had lots of long, thick hair. During the time she was super sick; her hair got knotted and was in a big rat's nest. Tiffany was bathing her one night and during the bath, she spent two hours washing her hair, brushing all the knots out, and the French braiding her hair into two pigtail braids that not only kept her hair out of the way, but also made it look really good. The family was so appreciative of the time she took out of her schedule because it made her finally look like she was getting better even though she was still really sick. Every week, even if she didn't have the patient, Tiffany would go see her and re-do her braids if they became messy. It was such a caring gesture and one that I know was above and beyond what was required.