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Robert Spitale, assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences, left, and John Chaput, professor of pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, and molecular biology & biochemistry, win $1-million grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation to develop new RNA tools.

UC Irvine professors land $1 million KeckFoundation grant

Pharmaceutical sciences professors land $1-million Keck Foundation grant to develop RNA tools

UC Irvine doctoral candidates Shirley Zhang, left, and Linan Liu of the UC Irvine Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

UC Irvine researchers program stem cells to attack cancer tissue

Stem-cell therapy devised by cancer researcher Weian Zhao and his team in the Department of Pharmaceutical Science attacks cancer by targeting unique tissue stiffness.

Adey Nyamathi, Dean of the UC Irvine Sue and Bill Gross School of Nursing

Building a top-tier school of nursing

Founding dean of nursing is focused on building a top-tier school.

Pharmaceutical Sciences assistant professor Robert Spitale named a 2017 Pew Scholar in biomedical sciences.

Pharmaceutical Sciences assistant professor named 2017 Pew scholar

Pharmaceutical Sciences assistant professor Robert Spitale is named a 2017 Pew scholar.

UC Irvine pharmaceutical sciences professor Young Jik Kwon is awarded $1.25 million for research in cancer therapy and regenerative medicine.

Major gift funds research in cancer therapy and regenerative medicine

Pharmaceutical sciences professor receives $1.25 million for research in cancer therapy and regenerative medicine.

Pharmacy careers are gaining in popularity at UC Irvine

A head start for pharmacy careers

The innovative curriculum in UC Irvine's Pharmaceutical Sciences program makes it UC Irvine’s next hot major.

Bridging the healthcare divide

Bridging the healthcare divide

UC Irvine nurse Jill Berg takes her battle against asthma on the road — with house calls.

Nursing mind and memory

Nursing mind and memory

Ruth Mulnard, founding faculty member in UC Irvine's nursing program, directs brain-related clinical studies.

Halting herpes eye disease

Halting herpes eye disease

A vaccine created by Gavin Herbert Eye Institute researchers Lbachir BenMohamed and Dr. Anthony Nesburn may prevent a leading cause of blindness and more.